Maybe I planted too early (again)

Something has been happening to my Salvia ‘Lady In Red’ that has got me thinking I may have started my seeds a little early this year. To be fair, I’ve never started salvias from seed. I also know how quickly they grow, given the fact that people grow them as annuals. So… I really have no excuse. Except that maybe I wanted them to bloom in the house.

If I had to describe this salvia with one word; brilliant.

I started ‘Lady In Red’ and ‘Coral Nymph’ at the same time, and the former has proven to be a much more vigorous plant. I planted a pot of ‘Coral Nymph’ at the base of a south facing wall a few weeks ago, and it has shown no intention of blooming yet. I wasn’t expecting it to, and I really just needed another empty pot. So, out it went while ‘Lady In Red’ got to stay inside.

Super bright!

There are a few new plants on the shelf with ‘Lady In Red’ that will be going out to the front rock wall as a semi-permanent home. They will stay in pots, but will be sunk into the wall during the dry season.

Carnegiea gigantea, the Sonoran Saguaro! This one was germinated from seed in 2004, and I am now taking care of it. It will probably outlive me, as long as it doesn’t freeze to death.
Agave montana, cold hardy to 10 degrees! As long as I can keep it dry…


On another note, the Schizobasis intricata is blooming. The flowers don’t look like much, but I didn’t get this plant for the flowers. I don’t think it has ever had as many flowers (or seed pods) as it does now. Maybe I’ll see if I can germinate some. Or maybe I’ll just sell them on Ebay.

I know it’s hard to make out the little seed pods in the middle of the photo. They’re in there. In front of the Echinopsis terscheckii, and above the Sedum morganianum.

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