The Beginnings of Big Leaves Greenhouse

I may not have been busy online lately, but I sure have been busy in the garden. It started out being overrun by blackberries, overgrown plants, and the dreaded scourge (English Ivy). Now it has mostly been cut back, and there are lots of brush piles ready to be taken care of. Some of the garden beds have been dug out. Some are ready for mulch. There is a lot to be done.

The most exciting thing going on here is prepping for the greenhouse! It has a space cleared and a foundation laid. All it needs is walls and a roof. If all goes according to plan, it should be finished in just a few weeks. Then I can get busy planting it. I am planning on putting most things in the ground, with only a few things in pots.

Don’t mind the monsterous blackberry bush in the background. Concentrate on all the greenhouse goodness in the front!

The greenhouse has a 16 foot by 20 foot growing space, and the roof is 11 feet high. With a little planning and digging, I hope I can get a tree or two in there.

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