Some seeds for 2017

The top row of seedlings is Salvia ‘Lady in Red’, and the bottom row is Salvia ‘Coral Nymph’.

As is tradition in my garden, seeds have been sown early. Much too early, if you ask some people. For me, it’s a way to will away the winter and usher in the new growing season. I’m hoping this winter will end abruptly, what the violent start it had.

I’ve managed to only get 11 kinds of seeds so far. I’ve got to pace myself unless I want to find myself with more transplants than places to put them. The salvias started to germinate within 4 days, despite being 3 years old. 

Berlandiera lyrata (Chocolate Flower) is a drought tolerant US native that reportedly smells like chocolate. All of the seeds germinated within 4-5 days.

Of course, I couldn’t just stick to normal plants. I managed to find seeds for Moringa oleifera (Moringa Tree, Drumstick Tree or even Benzoil Tree) and started them at the same time. They have started to germinate now, on day 7.

Moringa oleifera has started to poke up out of the seed tray. Who knows, maybe someday I’ll eat it’s leaves in a salad!

A few years ago, I germinated Eccremocarpus scaber (Chilean Glory Flower) for the first time. It took more than 3 weeks before I saw any seeds germinating. Whether it was from less than ideal conditions, old seeds, or some other reason; I’ll never know. This time around it took 7 days.

I’ve got 3 of these cups with E scaber seeds in them. I’m glad that I kept seeds from my old vines instead of buying new ones. I’ve got at least 1000 seeds left!

Other seeds that have been started, but haven’t germinated, are:

  • Metrosideros excelsa (New Zealand Christmas Tree)
  • Pachystegia insignis (Marlborough Rock Daisy)
  • Hebe speciosa (New Zealand Hebe)
  • Aristolochia gigantea (Pelican Flower)
  • Aristolochia fimbriata (White Veined Dutchman’s Pipevine)
  • Watsonia gladioloides

You may notice that these additional seeds are NZ natives, or are plants that I’ve already grown. I grow what I’ve got!

Today I happened to see a few plants at a nursery that looked very familiar.

My favorite fruit, the sweet and tangy feijoa! In New Zealand there wasn’t a day that went by without me eating at least one of them.

Acca sellowiana (Feijoa) bears some of the most flavorful fruit out there, in my opinion. When I saw it for sale semi-locally, I couldn’t pass on the chance to grow my own. It may not fruit reliably for me, but then again it just might. Only time will tell.

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