Greenhouse Inventory

This is where I keep track of what I have in the greenhouse, growing or otherwise. But hopefully just growing.

The greenhouse is currently… modified. It is back in the planning stage. Be assured that a great greenhouse is in the near future!

Star Performers:

  • Aloe striatula
  • Agave montana
  • Dahlia imperialis
  • Ficus roxburghii/Ficus dammaropsis
  • Gunnera manicata
  • Lepismium houlletianum
  • Musa basjoo
  • Tetrapanax papyrifer
  • Trichocereus terscheckii

I’m Looking For:

  • Argyreia nervosa
  • Ceiba speciosa
  • Colletia paradoxa
  • Echinops ellenbeckii
  • Fouquieria columnaris
  • Geonoma atrovirens
  • Gynerium sagittatum
  • Miconia calvescens
  • Passiflora macrophylla
  • Passiflora ‘Preciosa’
  • Thunbergia mysorensis
  • Thysanolaena latifolia

If you see one of the plants on my “want” list, AND it’s available, please let me know!