Hot weather in the cool garden


Now that the blooms have appeared, I am more convinced that I have a ‘Blue Elf’ aloe. The pictures I have seen of little elfy have all had orange flowers… so hopefully I am not making a mistake. As you can see in the pot, there are a couple of pups popping up next to the main plant.


This may not look like much, but it was a huge surprise for me. It is an Agave vilmoriniana, or Octopus Agave. I have it planted in a slope underneath a few blue spruce trees, where the little bit of rain that makes it to the ground gets sucked up by the spruces. The surprising part about it being there is that it was planted there last summer. It made it through 20 degree weather and months of wet rain in the 40 degree range. I bet that if I covered it over this next winter and kept the rain off of it, it might even look better next summer.

One more picture for this post, and it is of course a new bloom. Passiflora ‘White Wedding’ has finally decided to display it’s namesake.


Ok, I lied. One more picture. This one is of Halimium atriplicifolium. I call it a rock rose, but it has a much more interesting that some people call it by; Jara Blanca. Very drought tolerant and very silver, I think it looks very nice against the deeper green of it’s neighbors.


That really was the last picture for now. I need to go water the plants! It is very hot here right now, and the extended forecast is calling for 90+ degrees every day!

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