Out in the Old (Pacific North-)West


Sometimes you see things that surprise you in other people’s gardens. Driving around today I spotted some very nice Opuntia growing next to a large clump of Kniphofia.

I’m not sure how long this clump of cactus has been growing here, but it seems to be doing incredibly well on the south side of this building. I couldn’t find evidence of winter rot on a single pad. I bet it has excellent drainage.
Cactus tuna! You can see the remnants of a single flower on the leftmost fruit. I’m guessing it was yellow.
The Kniphofia looks like it’s doing well, too. I wish I could have seen what color the flower spikes were. At over 6 feet tall, this is a very impressive display.

It’s nice to see some good looking xeriscapes around. Hopefully someday the cactus and other plants in mine will establish themselves this well.

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