Epiphyllum ‘Fantasie’… aka Hank

I’ve been waiting not so patiently for the time when my Epiphyllum ‘Fantasie’ would reward me with blooms. When I first brought the cactus home, I was told it looked like an octopus. Naturally, at that point it was nicknamed Hank.

Those arching arms are very cool, and when the weather is cooler they have a very red/purple color to them that looks less like a plant than an animal.

This weekend it looked like the first bloom was going to open. I was hoping that it would happen while I still had time to admire it, instead of being at work. No such luck. Here is what it looked like on Sunday night.
So close! I can see why people get worked up over these things.

The past few weeks have seen very warm temperatures in the greenhouse, and things have really been starting to happen in there… even though it has only existed for a few weeks. I have an Epiphyllum blooming, a Phormium on the verge of blooming, and even an Abutilon putting on the juice. Why didn’t I have a greenhouse earlier?

Even though the color of this cactus screams at you, it’s more impressive in person.

This is only one of the blooms on this amazing epiphyte. Tonight I counted nearly a dozen more buds. I’m going to have to wear sunglasses near this cactus!

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