Winter colors, a little early

Since I’ve been without a fast internet connection for a while, I have finally decided that I needed to just go ahead and do a few short posts. The greenhouse is still in the planning phase, but progress is being made. My garden is still homeless, as well, but it will find a permanent home in the very near future.

While fall is winding down and winter is nearly here, I’m reminded of bright colors and flashy plants from not too long ago. The reds, oranges, yellows, and other vivid hues have begun to fade from the landscape at home. Winter in the southern hemisphere was quite different, and even pleasant in comparison. Not a flower remains to be seen here, but in the middle of July, Adelaide was blooming non-stop. The featured photo at the top of this post is of a Eucalyptus bloom. They were everywhere!

Acacia spp
More of them. Wow!


Not only were the acacias and eucalyptus blooming, but many of the smaller plants were as well. Smaller is a relative term in my gardening world, since the next photo is of a giant!

Doryanthes palmeri, almost ready to open up.

That’s about all my internet connection can handle for now. Lots more to come soon.



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