Homeless Garden, still homeless

It’s nice to get updates on things at home, once in a while. My homeless garden is still homeless, but doing well. The kaffir lime tree is covered in bright lime-green leaves! It makes me want to cook up some Thai curry.

The Agave ‘Sharkskin’ that I got a few years ago has been doing great, with the unusually hot and dry year we’ve had so far. The leaves all look good, which is unusual for agaves in my care. 

Indocalamus tesselatus, big leaf bamboo, not totally fried by the sun yet.

Pride of Barbados, Caesalpinia pulcherrima, survived a freezing winter last year in a small pot, as a fresh seedling nonetheless. I am very surprised that it appeared again this year. It’s still small, but maybe next year it will bloom.

The Argentine saguaros have put on more size in the past few months than the rest of their existance.

Opuntia fragilis, a native of Washington. Spiky, and surprisingly non-fragile. I think the amount of sunlight it has been getting has turned the pads a little red, and really puffy. 

A frog decided to visit the garden! I bet the poor little thing was tired of getting buzzed by wasps as they looked for water.

Keep cool out there, and don’t let your plants (or frogs) dry out.

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