Amazing agaves… in Portland

Of all the possible landscape plants that I would normally associate with a mature PNW garden, the agave is last on that list. I’ve seen plenty agaves in the Portland/Vancouver area, but they have been in pots or have been fairly small for the most part. Today, I came across a pair of agaves in a Portland garden that were as big as the largest agaves I saw at the New Orleans Botanical garden. Absolutely massive!


I’m guessing Agave americana, but without a tag or label somewhere I can’t be sure. [ID is possibly Agave salmiana var. ferox via Danger Garden] These agaves must have sailed through the harsh, wet winters we had a few years ago, otherwise how would they have so many great looking leaves? Whatever this gardener is doing, they are doing it right.


I actually had to stop the car and get out to take a few pictures. Hopefully the homeowner didn’t mind the attention!


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