Signs of Life 2016

It’s that time of year, once again. The weather has been warming up and things have starting growing again. It almost feels like winter is done for the year.

The bananas, of course, have shown signs of stirring. Yesterday I chopped them all back down to what I guessed what was viable tissue. I went out this morning to enjoy the sunshine and noticed they all had pushed out new growth. Some of the smaller bananas had to be chopped back to the ground, but there were quite a few that have more than 4 or 5 feet of good pseudostem.


Fortunately, this year there are several bananas that I didn’t have to cut back at all. They still have nice green leaves being pushed out the top, although I did trim the winterkilled leaves.


I have echium seedlings growing everywhere that I had echiums last year. Kind of funny how that works.


Although it is evergreen, the Euphorbia rigida looks great this time of year. The new growth is so visually pleasing in an architectural sort of way.


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