Seeing red in mid-May!

As I walked to my front door today, I couldn’t help but notice a strong scent wafting across my path.


The Cordyline ‘Red Fountain’ was blooming! I had seen the flower spike emerge out of the deep red whorls of leaves several weeks ago. I had never seen any of my cordys bloom before, and wasn’t sure what this one would look like.


Each of the flower spikes has dozens of buds on it. I’m not sure how long each bloom will last, but I think this will last for at least a week or two.

In the back garden, another new addition began blooming today. Callistemon subulatus ‘Dark Red’ is still very small but very striking. An introduction from Xera Plants, it is reportedly hardy to 10 degrees F. It will also stay small, being a dwarf.


I won’t show you a full plant shot… it’s still a baby! Just a few feet over, it’s neighbor is blooming too. Bletilla striata ‘Big Bob’ has been in the ground for several years, but hasn’t bloomed much until this year. Unfortunately this year I also have a rabbit problem. The rabbits love terrestrial orchids. Especially the buds! Luckily a few have made it to full bloom.


The next few days will see some big changes in the garden. Rare Plant Research, a wholesale nursery, will open it’s doors to plant geeks and botanical enthusiasts for the weekend. You can bet I’ll be looking for some big leaves!

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