Passiflora ‘Clear Skies’

It’s early in the year, but that’s been the theme lately. Passiflora ‘Clear Skies’ has decided that it wants to start blooming. The buds aren’t open yet, but they will be very soon.

P 'Clear Skies' has been loving the clear skies that we've been having!

This passionfruit is completely hardy here in Vancouver. In fact, it is more than hardy… it spreads and suckers like crazy. I guess I’m not surprised, but I think the minimal amount of labor involved in removing unwanted plants makes it worth it. This year it didn’t die back to the ground and almost stayed evergreen. By the end of last summer the vine stretched 20 feet and had dozens of blooms (along with a few fruits). I have fertilized it this year unlike last year… with it’s early start who knows what kind of monster I will have unleashed by the end of this year.

I’ll share one more photo today, of another bloom of course. This one is Huernia pillansii, a South African cape carrionflower. The bloom is only about an inch across, and the spiky spires that are the leaves and stems are just a bit bigger at 2 to 3 inches tall. I keep this one indoors, and luckily it doesn’t smell much at all!


I thought I’d share a few blooms with you today, and since today is Mother’s Day, I am going to spend the day with my mother!

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