Beginning again with cannas

On June 1st, just a few days ago, I scarified and soaked 12 banana canna seeds from my forest way back in 2015. I just popped the seed tray lid to check on the seeds, and I can already see signs of germination. These seeds have seen scorching hot and freezing cold temperatures inside a storage unit, and years of just sitting. I guess 4 years isn’t enough to kill them!

Since I’m talking about seeds, I might as well make a note of what else I’ve started.

  • Canna musifolia – Banana Canna (12 seeds)
  • Canna ‘South Pacific Scarlet’ (12 seeds)
  • Schizobasis intricata (24 seeds)
  • Metrosideros excelsa – New Zealand Christmas Tree/Pohutukawa (50+ seeds)
  • Pachystegia insignis – Marlborough Rock Daisy (12 seeds)
  • Salvia ‘Lady In Red’ (18 seeds)
  • Salvia spp unknown purple desert species (18 seeds)
  • Yucca brevifolia – Joshua Tree (6 seeds)
  • Eccremocarpus scaber – Chilean Glory Flower (18 seeds)


I love lists, don’t you?

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