The homeless garden is now the potted garden

My potted plants have finally found a place that they can call home. While being homeless proved to be fatal to some plants (such as the Curculigo capitulata, Callistemon subulatus ‘Dark Red’, and several others), many toughed it out. Today we appreciate those tough plants. I have added a few plants to this potted garden in the past few months, but it still remains a fairly low maintenance project.

Of course, the biggest winners in this garden are the cacti and succulents.

Echinopsis terscheckii, cardon grande. The many seedlings that I have been growing seem to thrive on neglect. This one has suffered the most sunburn, as a result of being babied under dim interior lighting for too long.

The cover photo for this post is an Agave attenuata that I added a couple of months ago. It looks to me like it is ‘Kara’s Stripes’. It lives in the pot that used to have a big kaffir lime tree in it.

The volunteer seedlings that popped up out of nowhere in my Schizobasis intricata pot have limped along as bonsai specimens for the last 4 years. Growing about an inch a year, I wasn’t sure what they were for quite a while. It’s easy to tell what they are now; Euphorbia milii. Now that I have them planted in the greenhouse they have grown more in the past 2 months than they have their entire existance. 

Not easy to see, but one E milii on the left is getting bushy and growing nice and straight. The stem on the right looks much shorter, but is about the same length in reality. It has grown in a gnarled and twisted (aka awesome) fashion.
Echinopsis pachanoi, a cold hardy and fast growing cactus from down south. This year it hs put on nearly eight inches of growth on both of the plants in this pot.
The little nubs that showed up this spring have morphed into nice little pups. There a few more pups forming on the back side as well.

Aloe ‘Rooikappie’ is a nice hybrid aloe that grows fast, doesn’t get too big, and blooms all year long. 

Aloe ‘Rooikappie’ was an addition from this spring. I saw a very overgrown pot at Home Depot and figured I might as well try it out. I have ended up really liking it.
A ‘Rooikappie’ has strong colors in the sun, and looks good in partial shade as well. I like the orange teeth on the leaf margins! And the white spots on the leaves!
It flowers continuously, and the hummingbirds enjoy it of course. Since I divided my initial pot into 4 separate plants this summer, it has thrown out new pups like crazy. At this rate I’ll fill my greenhouse with aloes in no time!

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