Plant of the day: Drosera dichotoma

I have a pair of carnnivorous plants that I keep in my kitchen window in order to keep any fungus gnats at bay. One is Drosera dichotoma, Forked-Leaf Sundew. There are a few other small houseplants in that window, so occasionally there are gnats that show up. Of course, the kitchen is the last place that I want them to be.

I think that bringing in these carnivorous plants was a great idea. Somehow a ton of gnats showed up yesterday. I’m not sure where they came from. In fact, I never even saw them flying around. The only reason I know they showed up is because the Drosera dichotoma suddenly became covered in gnats. Hundreds of gnats, covered in sticky goo and NOT flying into whatever food I’m making.

For the heroic effort by this little plant, in keeping my kitchen bug-free, it deserves the title of Plant Of The Day. 

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