Christchurch Botanic Garden; the cactus house

This will be a short post, simply because I didn’t take many good pictures in this cactus house. For some reason, the light was kind of dim the day I went in the CBG cactus house, and very few of my pictures turned out. Normally cactus houses are bright and sunny; great places to take pictures. It wasn’t my day, I guess.

The cactus house seemed more like a cactus corridor. One side of the walkway was a display of large cacti, with a (typical) desert mural behind the plants. The other side was a lengthy glass display case filled with tiny cacti, the size of which you might expect on someone’s windowsill.

Most of these cacti had nametags! Unfortunately my close-up photos were blurry. If only I was still in Christchurch.
These cacti have been planted in the ground. The big one on the left is a Myrtillocactus geometrizans, Blue Candle Cactus.

I did manage to get a few pictures of the mature cacti.

Golden Barrel Cactus, Echinocactus grusonii. I never get bored looking at those big yellow spines.
This E grusonii has the beginnings (or ends) of some flower buds. It looks almost like a crown.
Echinopsis thelegona, one of the Sea Urchin Cacti. These can get as tall as your head, but can also sprawl out much further than that. A single specimen looks very much like a huge snake!

In case any of you were wondering what exactly makes a cactus (not all spiny plants are cacti) a cactus, I snapped a photo of the info-board in the cactus corridor.

Remember: spines and areoles. 

The next post will be on a slightly more humid glasshouse in the CBG. One of my favorite greenhouses in New Zealand… there are plenty of bananas growing inside!

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