Big Leaf Appreciation Day

I haven’t spent as much time doing any gardening of my own lately. In fact, I left my own garden while it was still dormant for the winter. I haven’t really been able to appreciate (in person) my own style of gardening for a while, which is a bit difficult for me. That means its time for an garden collection… of big leaves!

colocasia black stem
Colocasia ‘Black Stem’
colocasia and bog
More Colocasia, all in a row
The leaves of this Colocasia spp and Gunnera manicata look a little beaten by the winter weather

There are many different reasons that people garden. There are probably as many garden favorites as there are gardeners, if not more. If you have seen the name of this website, you can probably guess what my favorite aspect of my garden is. Big leaves aren’t something that you usually see at the beginning of a garden, simply because they take time to grow. When I put time and effort into my garden, and I get big, green, velvety, shiny, water-collecting leaves in return, I just want to sit there are be happy.

Banana, likely a Musa basjoo
Musa spp, growing happily with nicely intact leaves
cyathea cooperi and ensete maurelli and nikau palm
Ensete maurelli, the Red Abyssinian Banana, looks incredible when paired with other plants with similarly oversized leaves. Meryta sinclairii (Puka Tree), Rhopalostylis sapida (Nikau Palm).

Gardening, by itself, is enjoyable enough to keep me happy. Big leaves, however, are what keep me interested.

cyathea cooperi
Cyathea cooperi (Lacy Tree Fern) has fronds that are absolutely massive
Brahea armata lineup
Butia yatay (Yatay Palm) showing fine texture as well as big leaves

There’s always another plant with bigger leaves. Always another variety that looks different. I don’t think I could ever get bored, just looking at the variety of leaves in the world.

philodendron selloum
Philodendron bipinnatifidum (Lacy Tree Philodendron)


4 thoughts on “Big Leaf Appreciation Day

      1. Do you bring it inside in the winter? I’ve tried twice, but even when I overwintered it in the shed, it died. Probably will try again though – I love them so!


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