That’s some tall grass!

One of the benefits of living in a coastal environment is the mild year-round climate. If you keep your eyes open, you can find some very unique and interesting plants in other people’s gardens.

Today, not 100 feet from the ocean, I spotted this very cool plant. I think it is a grass, though it is on the scale of bamboo! Each cane is several inches in diameter, and the entire plant is situated in a moist area of the garden. I couldn’t find the gardener, so I don’t have the name of this monster.
EDIT: This is probably Arundo donax! Thanks Danger Garden!


I grow Miscanthus gigantea, and I know it isn’t this one. I think this one may be a bit heftier, and is not quite so woody.



There is more than just one of this grass planted around here.

All I know is that it is huge and lush, and I want to try growing it!

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