Euphorbia blooms

I thought I’d share a quick post with you today. I’ve fallen behind this month with posting, but hopefully that is behind me. All sorts of plants have decided that it’s been spring for months, rather than days. The last day of winter this year saw warm temperatures and blue skies. Tomorrow the temperature will get near 80 degrees! The clematis ‘Snowdrift’ has nearly finished with it’s blooms. There are several bananas with multiple leaves each. The dahlias have started to pop out of the ground! It seems like summer already…

Anyway, here are the euphorbias. The first is ‘Blackbird’. Once again, this well behaved spurge has striking colors that never get old.


Next is ‘Burrow Silver’. Still very small, but the contrast of the leaves and flowers are impressive.


Third is an un-named variety that is common in this area. I bought from a vendor at a community plant sale, and it was simply labeled as a euphorbia.


Last, but not least, is ‘Martin’s Spurge’. My first entry into the world of euphorbias, it is still going strong 3 years later.


That’s it for today; short and sweet.  The next post will be a bit longer, if I can find enough to pry myself away from the garden!

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