Aristolochia fimbriata; the White Veined Dutchmans Pipevine

Several days ago I noticed that one of my pipevines had started to produce a few buds. This particular vine is the White Veined Dutchmans Pipevine. Of course this one has decided to bloom… It is the only one that I didn’t start from seed!

Unlike other pipevines, the White Veined resists climbing and seems to prefer a lounging lifestyle. I have mine in a hanging basket so it can sprawl while still creating a vertical visual. It is supposedly marginally hardy, so I plan on bringing the pot indoors once our temperatures get really low (hopefully December or so). As a host plant for Pipevine Swallowtail butterflies I expected to see at least a few, but so far they haven’t made an appearance. I guess that is a good thing since I’d rather not have to deal with more bugs eating my plants.

After these past few days of heavy, intense rainfall, the garden is looking lush and better than before. The plants are looking like they actually will do well without me breaking my back or my budget! I was out hunting slugs today so I could keep the plants looking that way when I noticed that one of the White Veined buds had finally opened.

This is one of the more bizarre blooms I’ll have this year, and I think it looks great. What a hairy wild looking thing, right?

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