Welcome To Big Leaves!

I want to welcome you to my new blog about my garden in Vancouver, Washington. My garden can experience microclimates between zones 7 and 9, so predicting what plants will thrive is anyone’s guess!

I should start off by saying that reading other blogs about gardening has been my inspiration for this blog. I wanted to have a way to record my own successes and failures, not only for myself to draw upon, but for others as well. I invite comments, suggestions, criticisms, and kudos. Just no spam, please!

As with any blog, you might be wondering why I chose the name Big Leaves. Could it be any other reason besides the fact that big leaves are amazing botanical wonders that should be appreciated by all? If that was your guess, then you are completely correct. I have had an infatuation with any plants that produce large leaves, be them pinnate, palmate, glabrous, pubescent, linear, bipinnate, spatulate or trifoliate. The larger the leaves, the better.

If I can grow it in a pot and keep it outside most of the year, I am happy. If I can keep it outside all year in the ground, I am even happier. Seriously, who enjoys having dormant (or not) plants taking up space in their garage in the winter? I might… but that’s not the point. I await the first buds of spring every year, like a kid impatiently waiting for candy.

Since I am starting this blog in the winter, while snow sits melting over my landscape, I will turn your focus to the indoor projects that I currently have. It’s the perfect time of year for it… starting seeds for my tender perennials and annuals.

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